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The carrying of bulk liquids in tank containers -usually called ISO tanks because they meet ISO quality and safety standards— is growing in international transport year after year. 

Mercomar is an active player in this market, and offers ISO tanks to transport chemicals, agrochemicals, petrochemicals and others. We also count with special tanks for food products such as alcohols, vegetable oils, food additives, wines, concentrated juices, grape must, whisky and brandy. 

We serve as general agent of HOYER GLOBAL TRANSPORT, a world-renowned leading company in the transport of liquid cargo.

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Our fleet of ISO tanks is one of the largest and most modern

worldwide, with a capacity of 24 to 26 thousand liters each.

The advantages of using ISO tanks can be summarized as:


  • Safe transport

  • Ease of loading and unloading

  • Reduction of waste in unloading

  • Ideal for products sensitive to contamination.

If the carried product requires preheating before unloading, we offer tanks equipped with coils connected to vapor generators, and others with electrical connection. We can also provide refrigerated ISO tanks.

In addition, we can operate ISO tanks for the transport of chemical grade and hazardous liquids through various alliances we have with specialized companies in the field.

Tank Container Logistics
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